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Welcome to the ATSC Members on-line resource. This Web site is intended for use by members of the Advanced Television Systems Committee. Individual subdirectories have been established for each Specialist Group and for many of the ad-hoc groups working within the ATSC. This resource serves both as a repository of current documents and as an archive of Specialist Group work. If you have questions regarding this service, please contact Jerry Whitaker at ATSC.

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Technology and Standards Group (TSG)

TSG Home Page

The ATSC Technology and Standards Group, with due regard for existing standards organizations and activities, develops and recommends voluntary, international technical standards for the distribution of television programs to the public using advanced television technology. Technologies considered may be improvements to current systems or entirely new systems that are compatible or incompatible with current systems. All forms of distribution systems may be considered, such as terrestrial broadcasting, cable systems, direct satellite broadcasting, and pre-recorded media. With respect to distribution systems, sound, vision, display, conditional access, and data sub-systems may be considered.

Specialist Groups

TSG/S1, PSIP Metadata Communication
TSG/S2, Advanced Common Application Platform
TSG/S3, Digital ENG
TSG/S6, Video and Audio Coding
TSG/S8, Data Multiplex/Transport
TSG/S9, RF Transmission
TSG/S10, Receivers
TSG/S13, Data Broadcasting
TSG-4, Ad-Hoc Group on Distribution Guidelines RP

Planning Committee (PC)

PC Home Page

The ATSC Planning Committee (PC) explores applications of digital broadcast technology. The Planning Committee considers business opportunities, with a focus on new applications that may be enabled by digital television standards. Based upon this analysis, the Planning Committee makes recommendations to the ATSC Board of Directors regarding development of voluntary standards, recommended practices, and/or informational documents for digital television. These recommendations should be supported by a list of user requirements. The Planning Committee also responds to inquiries about market requirements from Technology Groups, from other ATSC subcommittees, and from other standards organizations. The Planning Committee supports the use of ATSC standards and recommended practices through activities such as education, training, demonstrations and fostering interoperability.

Board of Directors

ATSC Board of Directors Home Page

Administrative Resources

Ballot Status and Archive Documents
Standards Document Archive