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TSG/S9 Specialists Group on RF Transmission
This web page is intended for archive purposes only. Current PC activities can be found on the ATSC Enterprise site:

The ATSC TSG/S9 Specialist Group on RF Transmission supports the ATSC Technology and Standards Group by analyzing issues and developing technical documents related to terrestrial RF transmission and reception of ATSC DTV signals.

Chairman – Charles Einolf, Consultant
Vice-Chairman and Secretary – David Layer, NAB

Upcoming meetings

Thursday, April 24, 2008, from 2PM-3PM EDT
    Call-in information: dial 303-664-6025, enter ID #3066180

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Old work projects
Ad-hoc groups

S9-6 - A/53 Part 2 corrigendum drafting group) (chair - W. Bretl)
S9-1 - Distributed Transmission (chair - M. Weiss)
S9-2 - E-VSB Implementation Guideline (chair - W. Bretl)
S9-3 - Signaling Extensions and Enhancements (chair - J. Wendorf)
S9-4 - A-VSB documentation (chair - A. Allison)
S9-5 - A-VSB verification plan) (chair - V. Tawil)

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