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The Specialist Group on ATSC Mobile/Handheld (M/H), TSG/S4, under the supervision and direction of the Technology and Standards Group, will evaluate “backwards compatible” proposal(s) for delivery to mobile and handheld devices using the DTV broadcast signals, will develop recommended changes to existing Standards, will develop new Standards when necessary, and where applicable develop associated Recommended Practices for mobile and handheld services using DTV broadcast signals. These documents will provide for delivery of real-time and non-real-time television content and data to mobile and handheld devices (including those defined as “pedestrian”). These ATSC-M/H services shall have the capability to be carried in existing ATSC DTV broadcast channels. The presence of these new M/H services shall not preclude or prevent operation of current ATSC services in the same RF channel or have significant adverse impact on legacy receiving equipment. Wherever possible, these standards will build on existing standards of the ATSC or other standards development organizations.

This activity will include liaison with other Specialist and Planning Groups inside the ATSC as well as other standards development organizations and technology committees working on standards that include mobile and handheld technologies.

Mark Aitken (Sinclair Broadcast Group) Chairs TSG/Sr. The Vice-Chair is Dan Borowicz (ION Media Networks). The Secretary is Jerry Whitaker (ATSC).

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TSG/S4 Documents

New Work Item Proposal: ATSC Standard for Mobile and Handheld Services
Request for Proposal for ATSC-M/H: A Backwards Compatible Mobile and Handheld Standard
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TIA Liaison Documents
FloForum permission for distribution of TIA-1099 and related documents below
TIA-1099, “Forward Link Only Air Interface Specification for Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia Multicast,” dated August 2006
Proposed Erratum for TIA 1099
TIA-1120, “Forward Link Only Transport Specification,” dated July 2007